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Sports Eligibility Policy


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Requirements for students involved in extra-curricular activities. Students eligibility in grades 7 and 8, will be determined on a quarterly basis, and students must maintain an overall AVERAGE of 65%. In high school, eligibility will be determined quarterly, and students must have at least a 60% in ALL classes. Grades will still be posted weekly, and students are still required to attend tutoring in those classes which they are failing. Following is a copy of the policy. Please read over this policy with your child.

A. Eligibility - Eligibility will be determined by the following:

1. Eligibility will be determined on a quarterly basis.
2. The prior quarter’s grades will determine eligibility.
3. Grades will be submitted each Tuesday morning by 8:30 a.m.
4. Students grades will continue to be monitored weekly for progress. Students on the failing list must attend tutoring sessions.
5. Eligibility will go into effect each quarter and continue through to the midterm or following quarter.
6. On one time activities such as reward trips, homecoming activities etc., the administration and staff may meet to discuss possible participation, with consideration given to the student’s effort or progress.
7. Fourth quarter grades will be used to determine the following year’s eligibility.
8. A student may become eligible by taking a summer school course.
9. Middle school will start clean each fall quarter. Sixth graders will not be included in eligibility.
10. 7th and 8th grade students must maintain an average of 65% per quarter.

(These criteria adhere to and exceed the MHSA “Academic Eligibility” set forth in Montana High School Association Handbook.)

It is vital that you discuss this policy with your student, because the grades from the fourth quarter of the previous year will be used to determine eligibility next fall. If a student is ineligible, they may become eligible next year at the first midterm, provided they are passing all of their classes. If you have any questions on the policy, please feel free to call the school.