Disclaimer: These case numbers reflect only cases as directly reported by parents and Ravalli County Public Health. There may be additional cases that we are not aware of. If there are no new, confirmed cases reported for a given day there will not be a new entry. Moving forward we will be documenting this daily, when there is a new case. A report of a positive case does not indicate that a student or staff member was or was not in attendance. Victor Public School continues to contact trace in conjunction with our School Nurse and Ravalli County Public Health. We notify parents of potential exposure risk when they are a direct contact.

We use a minimum of the following criteria to make decisions regarding event cancellation and shifting students from on-site to remote learning:

Number of confirmed positive cases
% of a classroom and/or building who are considered a direct contact
% of sports team(s) who are a direct contact
% of staff absences and the challenges of our substitute shortage

We realize that this is challenging for families. Please know that we take this very seriously and will continue to work to keep the safety of our students and staff at the heart of our decisions.